About Team Satyam

Team Satyam is a maverick group with a passion for excellence. It signifies near perfection and constant improvement where innovation lies at the heart of not only the mentoring team but also the students, as we create an ambience and a healthy sphere, which facilitates the students to constantly rediscover themselves. It transcends trivia like scores and tests yet translates into most sought after results.

At Team Satyam, the priority is the student and the student alone. You will find honesty and transparency in all our student dealings. And most importantly, a student-teacher bond that slowly but surely transforms into a great friendship. So much so that a lot of our ex-students (now alumni of top colleges or in the corporate world) often come back to mentor future aspirants. 'Inspired learning' is what the classroom decorum says about Team Satyam.

It only goes to show, a student walks in to Team Satyam oblivious of his potential but moves out transformed and confident to take on the world. With the various programmes under this umbrella we hope to help you with your preparation in the most customised of ways as the biggest weapon with us is 'mentoring'