Banking Master

Money is the fuel that drives and economy and Banking is the channel which sustains this fuel.
For an economy like India growing at break-neck speed, Banking is the future critical support system. Currently, a vast number of public, private, foreign, co-operative banks exist in India and each of these is expanding at a rapid pace. Each bank is actively working to increase its footprint – both geographically and also through the products and services it can offer. The core of such a critical banking system lies in its people. Currently the banking sector employs over 10 lakh management employees to take care of these operations.
And it needs still more…..

The future need of the banking sector is skilled, passionate and bright youth like you!
To sustain the growth engines, banks have shown commitments in growing their strength in numbers. This demand for manpower by the banks is being met by the recruitment of POs or Probationary Officers and Clerical staff in all the banks.

Bank PO and Clerical exam is to the banking sector what Civil Services Exam is to the bureaucracy.
PO is the starting grade for the management employees in the banking sector. Once recruited as a PO, a young officer is given training in all banking systems and subsequently exposed to various departments like retail banking, treasury, foreign exchange etc. The probation period is for 2 years and once complete the officer is stationed as a [ ] in [any branch?]The pay structure varies between banks. Generally a PO starts with a salary of INR 20,000-25,000 per month. Most banks offer additional perks like housing, annual holidays etc also. The Clerical cadres are also entry points into the banking sector and the foundations of a satisfying career lifestyle. The Bank PO and Clerical exam is the stepping stone to a glorious career and successful life. Officers selected from Bank PO and Clerical exams are akin to an elite and exclusive cadre and it is only these people who reach the senior levels in the banking industry.

Banks recruit these POs and Clerical staff through all India examinations. The structure of the exam has changed drastically last year. While previously teach bank used to conduct its own separate exam, now there is an effort to move towards an All India Common Entrance Test. While such an entrance test reduced the stress for appearing in multiple examinations, it also increases the amount of focus and dedication required to clear the one shot chance. A candidate will not get multiple chances and will have to wait half year to appear again for the subsequent round of CET. Hence, devotion, enthusiasm, concentration, speed, accuracy and knowledge are all required to secure flying colours in the examination in a single attempt.

In critical moments, life does not give second chances!
Hence your preparation has to be perfect and only we can provide you with unmatched exposure, study materials, speed tactics, test preparations, in-class training, such that you are able to nail the examination
We have monitored the exam over last [x] years and are fully prepared to TEACH YOU HOW TO CRACK THE EXAM IN ITS NEW PATTERN – a skill very few institutes currently possess.



Historically, the banking sector has been divided and scored with numerous exams and varied selection procedures. Each bank used to conduct its own examination to select its management staff. An aspiring banker had to write a different exam for each bank. An effort is underway by the Indian Banks Association to streamline this procedure and possibly this year there will be a Common Entrance Test ("CET") that will be used by most banks to recruit management cadres. RBI and SBI will however continue to conduct their own exams. The exams will occur multiple times in a year, each exam being followed by interviews or further tests.


Indian Institutes of Management (IIM),FMS(Delhi Univ.), S.P.Jain(Mumbai), MDI(Gurgaon),NITIE(Mumbai),IMT(Gaziabad), IMI(Delhi), TAPMI(Manipal), BIM(Trichy),FORE School(Delhi),FMS BHU, KJ Somaiya(Mumbai), UBS (Chandigarh), Wellingkar(Mumbai).
  1. Reasoning
  2. Quantitative aptitude
  3. General socio economic and banking awareness
  4. English language
  5. Data Interpretation
  6. Computer & Marketing ability


Best way of training – is Our Way of Training BANKING MASTERS

BANKING MASTERS offers an opportunity to cut through the banking jungle with a double edged sword of insightful knowledge and 24X7 mentoring. BANKING MASTERS is the only way to pass the swathe of banking exams. We train you to surpass the best of the banking entrance exams. Effective, lean programs that will focus on getting the fundamentals right and then cater to the multiple needs of an aspirant.

The multifarious approach to the banking exam is apparent in the structure of the test which evaluates an aspirant on not one or two but five distinctly separate arenas. BANKING MASTERS tackles this through a step-up approach in the classroom and study material. English, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning will be trussed and thoroughly drilled by in-depth insights inside class. Dynamic mentors will drive the pace of the preparations and will provide aspirant with an edge. The current flavor of the General Knowledge itself is something that leaves a wanting-to-know-more taste in the mouths of most. BANKING MASTERS approaches General Knowledge through a sustained study model where your mentors give weekly updates and hone your general awareness to the supreme level.

The zeal of the mentors will lace your preparation with the nectar of knowledge and would be amply displayed in the weekly tests and MCQs. Banking examinations are not only a test of knowledge and accuracy, but also of speed and diligence. Our mentors will coach you on best speed tactics to adopt to score the maximum marks in the examination and start an impressive banking career.

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT)

A national level examination conducted for admission to the prestigious IIFT campuses at Delhi and Kolkata.


  1. PRADHAN: Concept study material with 50 classroom tests that will be conducted in class and monitored by faculty to ensure complete concept knowledge.
  2. PRAYAS: Application Skills based 20 test which help you to cut through the fog and ensure clarity of the goal.
  3. PRAYOG: All India mock Practice tests conducted to ensure confidence and success.