A dream called Business Administration - One rarely needs cajoling to do a BBA or an MBA more so one laps at the option of a good business school or professional program. So the question of why a business administration does not arise really. But still all things being formal if we go about addressing it, it would be unfair to say.

  1. The dream pay packages
  2. The plush sea facing office; (put in a couple of secretaries, and toss together little perks in the name of a car or two)!
  3. Better marriage prospects and so on
It's so fantastically drooly an option but alas were reality so magnificent our reality cinema would be yet another Yash Chopra venture. Having said that we'd still use the above points to talk about a good MBA program fallouts, because reality is not always a stygian melodrama!!! And the good news is that these are just the tip of the iceberg because the non glamorous reasons for doing a professional course in Business Administration are far deeper and fulfilling than these. So now it's fair to say that a good professional education makes your life worth its while. Right from its inception, the aim of a good college is very clear when it seeks quality and not quantity. And your brownie points start there.
  1. A good campus where people make that campus; your peers then are not only your competitors but your mentors as well and help you grow
  2. A constantly motivating faculty team
  3. The platform and brand that add a proud second name to yours
  4. A good industry interface, to prepare you for work soon after college.
Now that you're motivated to make your college worth its while, we'll go on and lay out the options for you.


(BBA) is a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. BBA Program usually includes general business courses and advanced courses in specific fields of business administration. The BBA Degree is designed to give a broad knowledge of the functional areas of a corporate set up, and their relationship with each other, while also allowing for specialization in a particular area. The other nomenclatures for such a program are Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS), Bachelor of Business Management(BBM) and Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS). All these names may signify very little difference from each other and are programs offered by different institutes dealing with core subjects of administration with a little variations in their subsidiaries.


  1. A BBA is not merely a 'degree' program. It is a professional course aimed at providing knowledge beyond the book and one which prepares you for the industry.
  2. It also lays the foundation for an MBA program. This is because Almost 70% of the subjects taught in the BBA course, be it areas of management like marketing, finance, systems or human resource management, is similar to that in the MBA program.
  3. Also the culture and ambience in the classroom is vastly different from that of traditional courses. Theoretical concepts learnt in the classroom are supported by practical experience in the form of projects, presentations, industrial visits and summer placements, thereby making the course a complete learning experience.


Well once you are empowered with good education and an environment promoting peer learning, self development and practical application, there is very little required for you to understand what you are worth. Yet, because our concern is to provide you with a complete portrayal of the validity and functionality of a degree we will answer this. After a BBA degree you can essay the following roles
  1. Become a student again and move up another degree by pursuing an MBA. You would need very little explaining to do as to why you want to do it
  2. Join a firm and start working as a management trainee. The various sectors you can look at are
  3. Banking, Consultancy, Finance, e.g.: Citibank, HSBC, etc.
  4. FMCG and Consumer Durable companies, e.g.: HUL, P&G, Marico, etc.
  5. IT companies, e.g.: Infosys, Wipro, Microsoft, Compaq, etc.
  6. Advertising agencies, e.g.: JWT, Lintas, Mudra, O & M, Leo Burnett, etc.


Some of the top universities offering BBA programme are:

Delhi University
IP University

Some of the good institutes are:

Symbiosis Deemed University (SIEC)

Kolkata University


Classroom Contact Programs

S2B BBA Breeze - This year long program is meant for students who need an in-depth conceptual clarity of concepts. It starts in the months of April/ May.
No of sessions - 120
Frequency of sessions - weekends/ thrice a week
Offerings - Along with classroom sessions, S2B BBA MENTOR@HOME PLUS
S2B BBA Bolt - It is a 45-day rapid fire session, meant for those who need just practice and orientation. It commences from after the board exams till the various entrance tests begin
No of sessions - 50
Frequency - 6 days a week two sessions each
Offerings - Along with classroom sessions, S2B BBA MENTOR@HOME PLUS

Correspondence Programs

This set of materials aims at approaching each aspect of the BBA entrance with utmost clarity so that it becomes your mentor at home. It includes 6 books for fundamentals known as BUILD and 4 workbooks on each of the areas of the entrance test known as PRACTICE.

S2B BBA Test Series
6 Mocks modeled on Written Joint Entrance Test (DU), Common Entrance Test (IP University) and Symbiosis Entrance Test(Symbiosis University) with All India Rankings and in-depth analysis Section tests and topic tests on all sections of the entrance test.

A complete Correspondence Program which includes the offerings of both Mentor at home and test series.