Student Testimonials

“Team Satyam has played a very important role in my success. Without their focused guidance, it would’ve been very difficult to fetch IIM calls. The excellent faculty and mentors at Team Satyam ware always available to cater to the problems. Club batch is a great initiative. It gives the right kind of competitive edge to students and spurs them to excel.
Monalisa Gupta
Call: IIM-A ,C, L, Ranchi & XLRI
College: IT(BHU) | Batch: PACE (1year classroom prog.)

“Team Satyam has helped me identify my strengths and use them in the best possible way while teaching me how to successfully overcome my weak points. I am very thankful to the teachers at Team Satyam for showing me the right way to prepare for the entrance exams and motivating and boosting up our morale from time to time.
Call: IIM-A (ABM)
College: LU | Batch: Cruise extended prog.

“I owe my thanks to Team Satyam’s classes with a competitive peer group and an excellent mentorship for my IIM calls. The mentors inspired and motivated me at every step to strengthen my weak areas and bring out the best in me.
Call: IIM C, R, R, R, T, S
College: IET | Batch: Cruise extended prog.

“Studying at Team Satyam has been an enriching experience for me. The faculty and staff has been extremely helpful and supportive from day one, so seeking assistance has never been a problem. Their motivation and guidance helped me maximize my potential and inspired me to achieve this feat.
College: SRCC Delhi | Batch: PACE ( 1 year classroom prog.)

“I am fortunate to be mentored by Team Satyam for the past two years. Team Satyam provided me with an awesome peer and faculty interface which is a pre requisite for an IIM call. I would like to thank Satyam Sir for providing me undying impetus for my preparation.
College: IET | Batch: PACE ( 1 year classroom prog.)

“My experience at Team Satyam was so enriching that it gave me lessons for life time. The individual attention, quality of classes, and the continuous help rendered has played a very crucial role in my performance in the exams.
Call: IIM Shillong
College: BBD | Batch: Cruise extended prog.

“I thank all my teachers at Team Satyam for providing me the mentoring and motivation to excel. The constant support and faith will be helpful in converting my call in the future.
College: LU | Batch: Cruise Extended prog.

“Team Satyam with its strong faculty and trainers, up to date pedagogy and PDP session is the best institute for MBA preparation. The best part was individual attention along with counseling and special insight into the B-world. The faculty is not only master in their own subject but also excellent motivators. I want to especially thank Surabhi ma’am and Satyam sir.
College: BBD | Batch: PACE (1 year classroom prog.)

“I realized the true meaning of mentorship at Team Satyam. The constant motivation, academic help, additional classes and ever ready-to-help Satyam Sir, Surabhi Ma’am and other faculty members proved to be a shot in the arm for my CAT preparation. Their support coupled with your sincere efforts is bound to see you through to the best education of your choice.
Call: XLRI Jamshedpur
College: IIIT Allahabad | Batch: PACE 9 (1 year classroom prog.)

“My experience and association with Team Satyam has been extremely fruitful. The quality of education and guidance being provided is excellent and the faculty identifies with the student’s goal as its own challenge and goal. I was especially impressed with the GD-PI classes and the inputs from experience visiting faculty from industry were invaluable.
Call: IIM L,K,I
College: IIT Madras | Batch: PACE 9 (1 year classroom prog.)

"Team Satyam experience has truly been an enriching one. It is not a typical classroom teaching module but has much more to offer. All my needs were addressed to be it extra material or doubt sessions overall, it is a comprehensive course. Hence I can say that my decision to join Team Satyam has proved to be a boon.
College: AKG Engineering College | Batch: PACE 5 (1 year classroom prog.)

"Team Satyam helped me streamline my preparation for CAT’09. It presented a very competitive environment and the support of a very experienced and helping faculty. By means of various mock tests I came to know my weak and strong topics. A special thanks to Surabhi Ma’am for giving a deep insight of GD/PIs.
Call: IIM-I, L, K
College: BITS Pilani | Batch: PACE 6 (1 year classroom prog.)

"Team Satyam has given me complete guidance throughout my preparation for B-school entrances. Best thing is that they are reachable 24x7 playing the dual role of teachers as well as mentors. Thanks to Team Satyam not only have I aced the CAT but I also feel prepared to venture into the competitive business world.
Call: IIM C, L, R, S
College: BBD | Batch: CRUISE ENGNN

"I wanted to be a part of a classroom wherein personal attention could be given to every problem. To say that my expectations were fulfilled at Team Satyam Lucknow would be an understatement. I would like to thank my mentors at Team Satyam Lucknow for their efforts that helped me to crack the CAT and convert my calls.
Call: IIM Ahmedabad
College: SRMSCET | Batch: PACE 7 (1 year class room prog.)

"I would not be stretching if I say I was overwhelmed with the type of quality servicing I received at Team Satyam Lucknow. A special word of thanks to Surabhi ma'am for her high end English mentoring and Satyam sir for his overall support right till the end. Thanks Team Satyam Lucknow for being there for me.
Call: IIM Kolkata
College: IET LKO | Batch: CRUISE ENGNN

"With its commendable faculty base and innovative teaching patterns, Team Satyam Lucknow was always present as a guide and as a friend besides me in dire times. Especially after I landed up with multiple IIM calls, it channelised my energies in a suitable manner through intensive PDP preparation. Three cheers to the Team Satyam Lucknow team for charting my dream run.
Call: IIM Bangalore
College: BITS Pilani | Batch: Club Batch